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Microsoft Login Redirection Problem

When logging in to MS Office 365 you're redirected to,, or other Microsoft websites instead of Office 365 mail portal.

Workaround: There is a known bug in Microsofts login service that affects users who already use an other Microsoft service like a email address, MSN, When you try to access your ITU mail in Office 365 there's a good chance that Microsoft will redirect you to the wrong website. The problem occurs because Microsoft stores some cookies in your browser that remembers your username, but not which of their services your username belong to.

To solve this problem you can use one of these two workarounds

1) Private Browsing (recommended)

In most browsers you have an option called private browsing or incognito mode. This allows you to browse without using any of your cookies. Please try to login to using this mode.

In Internet Explorer: InPrivate Browsing, hotkey Ctrl+Shift+P
In Google Chrome: Incognito Window, hotkey Ctrl+Shift+N
In Mozilla Firefox: Private Browsing, hotkey Ctrl+Shift+P

2) Clear your cookies

You can also solve the issue by clearing your browser cookies. This will however also most likely make your browser forget stored usernames, passwords and filled forms which can be quite inconvenient and will only work until next time you login to your private MS accounts.

We therefor recommend you use workaround number 1.